Age has been associated with many things, weak erections being one of them. The claims are not entirely baseless. As it is noticed with the orders for ED medication completed every day, the age of 50 years and above does bring about a couple of factors related to weak erections.

So what is the connection between age and erections?

Effects of Age on ErectionsTo understand what relationship there is between this two, we need to understand how an erection occurs. The penis is manly a bunch of muscles that can erect when filled up with liquid. For our case, the liquid in play is blood, which gets filled inside these muscles through blood vessels. The level to which these muscles get to erect is controlled by ligaments attaching them to the pelvic bone.

  • As age advances, there are high chances that both body and penile arteries will get clogged with fat deposits. This leads to less chances that sufficient blood will flow into and out of these arteries. As expected, the results are that weak if any erections will be achieved.
  • Age also brings about higher chances of chronic diseases reaching their most advanced stages. This has a direct effect on erections. For example, blood related disorders like high or low blood sugar leads to very weak attained erections. Sometimes, it is not even for affected individuals to attain the erections at all.
  • Finally, age brings about the lack of desire to engage in adventurous sex. Testosterones, which are the hormones responsible for high libido in men, are produced at maximum in earlier ages of a man’s life. The lower the production is at later ages, the lower the sex drive is.

How to deal with the effects of age on erections

  • Always ensure that you stay healthy. This can be achieved through physical exercises and healthy diets. It not entirely impossible to see an 80 years old man whose ability to achieve hard erections surpass a 60 years old man.
  • Avoid smoking and any other form of drug abuse. Every puff of cigarette inhaled will reduce your later ability to erect by a cumulative percentage.
  • Ensure that you stay on medications which will help you deal with chronic diseases like diabetes and like.
  • ED medications are very effective in dealing with weak erections in later stages of life. The best thing is that you will not be required to engage in too much sex like it is with very young couples. You only need to make use of one of the ED medications available and your sexual life will be set back to normal.
  • Get as much information as you can from doctor and from online sites. You should also keep talking to other patients about the same.