Diabetes and EDThe effects and treatment methods for these two conditions are completely different yet the two are almost inseparable. Diabetes basically occurs when the body cannot effectively manage the amount of blood sugar present in the blood. Blood sugar refers to the amount of energy that can be made use of any time need arise. All body cells functions depend on blood sugar.
ED on the other hand is a well-known condition that manifests itself in men. At its worst, it is impossible for the affected men to normally enjoy sex without medication interventions.

So what is the connection between diabetes and ED?

  • Of the two types of diabetes that there are, the type 2 is most common and most notorious. Much of the information contained in this article will be about the type 2. It is not exclusively about this type however.
  • If you were to take 10 test cases for men with diabetes, you will find that 7 of the ten will at one time of their lives develop ED.
  • Diabetes type 2 is most notorious in terms of leading to ED. It has been proven that 50% of men diagnosed with this condition will later develop ED.
  • Both conditions are largely are as a result of poor lifestyles. However, diabetes is also very genetic determined.

Why does diabetes lead to ED?

Why does diabetes lead to EDThink of it this way; what would happen if an electric wire was to allow excess current to follow through it? It would cause overheating, which would in turn either partially or wholly melt the wire. A much similar case happens with type 2 diabetes and the ED condition. Here, a lot of blood sugar is allowed to be present in the blood. This makes it impossible for small arteries and vessels in the body to endure the pressure and energy with which the blood is flowing. As it is in the example of the high voltage wire I introduced, the vessels will either partially or wholly burst.

High blood sugar also leads to the damage and malfunction of nerve coordination. For an erection to occur, it needs that messages from the brain be translated to mean that more blood is needed in the erectile muscles. With impaired nerve coordination, this doesn’t happen.
The end results are that an erection will not be achieved. In cases that one is achieved, it usually is in very weak conditions. This is where the need for ED medications set in. This is because ED medications work by encouraging and allowing for more blood to be circulated to the erectile muscles, hence the desired erections.