Sexual health goes beyond physical well-being to having the right information on what should or should not be done during sex. The bad thing is that most men out there have very insufficient facts on how to go about the whole thing. This ensures that several mistakes keep on being repeated time and again.

What are the most common sex mistakes men make?

Below are some of the most common sex mistakes that will definitely ruin your sexual experience and life in general.

  • Intercourse is all that sex involves – Giving all you can in physical penetrations doesn’t work if a woman is not prepared. In fact, research has found that a very small percentage of women can achieve a climax just through intercourse.
  • Repeating the same thing over and over – Well, let’s say that a certain yesterday’s plan did work very well in regards to having good sex. That doesn’t mean that you should keep on repeating the trick day in day out. For women, exploration sex is more effective.
  • Common Sex MistakesAlienating sex to the bedroom – Your female counterpart needs to feel that you are a part of her. Keep sending her love messages. Kiss her when there is a chance to and hug her when there is a chance to. In fact, you need to be very flexible in terms of trying sexual adventures in other areas away from the bedroom.
  • Baseless conclusions – Just because you heard someone say that oral sex or something like that is not effective doesn’t mean it will be the case with your female partner. Discuss with her about the things she likes and the ones she has never tried. Do not make assumptions based on baseless facts.
  • Neglecting ED medications – You will be in a great trouble if you still doubt the effectiveness of ED medications. A daily dosage of Viagra for example can return your sexual life to you for good. Sex pills accompanied with professional medical advice will return incredible results.

How to get the best out of your sexual experiences

The best place to start is talking to your female counterpart. It is important that you get to open up on any issue that might be troubling you or things you always wanted to try out. If challenges arise in opening to one another, the two of you can visit a counselor.
If you never get to reflect on the good times you had with your female partner in your relationship, you are really missing on something big. It maybe that you are committing one or more of the mistakes identified above.