Cancer – Prevention and Curative InformationCancer has been reported to be one of the most common diseases in the world today. The same can be said about common cold, but the reaction you will get from a person diagnosed with cancer will not be the same for a person with a common cold. This is where the first mistakes with cancer patients set in. Patients cannot be blamed in any way because of the panicking effect that comes along with cancer diagnosis. The truth of the matter is that cancer is painful, expensive and very hard to treat. It is not impossible to treat it however.

So what is cancer?

Think of cancer as parasite that feeds, lives and nurtures from nutrients that you have worked hard to collect. In a person’s body, cell divisions are based on the information contained in protein molecules known as DNA. When some changes on how the information is normally arranged occur, the result might be that the cells will start dividing uncontrollably and unnecessarily. That is how cancer occurs. These malfunctioning cells keep on dividing, so much that they form a tumor.

How to prevent and treat cancer

  • Healthy diets are the lead keys to preventing cancer. The malfunctions I talked about earlier in cell divisions can be avoided by eating healthy foods as directed by different health foods blogs or by doctors.
  • Smoking is a leading cause of cancer. In fact, more than ten types of cancer can be linked to tobacco smoking. The main component in tobacco smoke responsible for this is tar.
  • prevent and treat cancerAlcohol comes very close in things that cause cancer. Reduce or quit drinking alcohol at all.
  • Cancer doesn’t produce any early painful symptoms. You may notice a very small lump, which you will not give much attention to. To avoid such situations, ensure that you always go for medical check-ups. Cancer is very much treatable if found at its very early stages.
  • The best treatment methods for cancer can only be accessed in hospitals. Doctors will always take you through the available treatment methods.
  • Never feel like you have lost it all once you have been diagnosed with this disease. Know that there are very many other cancer survivors out there. Just make a point of hearing their testimonials and telling your story too. The best thing is that many online platforms have been established today where people can share their individual experiences.

Cancer may be hard but is possible to treat. Even when you are not directly affected, make a point of helping other patients who are struggling with this disease. You also should make a point of adopting the preventive measures discussed.